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Aminata Amayel, Pearson Canada 2005-2007

My name is Aminata Amayel Ly and attended Lester B. Pearson College (Victoria, Canada) in 2005 and prior to that, I was a student at Saidou Nourou Tall in Dakar.

At UWC, I was in Economics Mathematics and English A2 higher level. I believe that to living for two years with a diverse student and faculty body sharing views and opinions inside and outside of classes was extremely rewarding.

I interacted with people from different ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, different socioeconomic statuses. This allowed me to get a better understanding of who I was and where I come from.

Currently, I am studying Economics, Mathematics and Chinese, at Connecticut College and will be graduating in 2011. My two years at UWC give me a great interest in current international affairs and provided me with the endeavor to work hard and serve my community. 


Aminata Amayel Ly