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Who we are and what we do

The UWC Senegal National Committee consists of dedicated Alumni committed to exposing as many bright Senegalese students as possible to the UWC movement. The Senegal NC works in tandem with the National Ministry of Education every year to organize the UWC selection process. The NC also organizes social, educational and professional events, the dates of which will regularly be published below. 

The UWC Senegal National Committee officially represents the UWC movement in Senegal. The NC consists of Alumni who come together a few times a year to carry out activities in line with our mission.

UWC Senegal’s main mission is to represent and promote United World Colleges in Senegal through various roles and actions:

1. First, as the Senegal National Committee, we play a major role in the selection of students who wish to study abroad at a United World College. We interview the candidates selected first by their respective schools, then by the Ministry of Education and choose the final few that will be attending UWC. We also design the selection process in line with the London Office’s recommendations, liaise with the colleges and mitigate any issue that might arise during our students’ stay at the schools.

2. Because we admit students regardless of their socioeconomic background, the committee is responsible for seeking funds in the form of donations and contributions in order to be able to offer as many scholarships as possible to the students who need them in order to attend one of the United World Colleges.

3. Our NC animates and energizes the network of Senegalese UWC alumni by means of a newsletter, outings or other meetings initiated within the network. Philanthropic, business and professional projects are also currently in the works.

4. Finally, we welcome non-Senegalese UWC alumni who visit or move to Senegal and provide them with answers to any inquiries they might have.